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Abas Hadawey - Lecturer

Abas Hadawey, Lecturer in School of Engineering at Ulster University

Abbey Wilson - Researcher & Proposal Writer

Abbey Wilson, Researcher & Proposal Writer in Development Fundraising at Ulster University

Abbie McKenna - Workforce Development Manager

Abbie McKenna, Workforce Development Manager in Centre For Flexible & Cont. Education at Ulster University

Academic Office

Academic Office at Ulster University.

Academic Planning

Academic Planning at Ulster University.

Access Digital and Distributed Learning

Access Digital and Distributed Learning at Ulster University.

Adam Melvin - Lecturer in Popular Music

Adam Melvin, Lecturer in Popular Music in School of Creative Arts & Technologies at Ulster University

Adele Dunn - Senior Lecturer

Adele Dunn, Senior Lecturer in Department of Marketing, Ent. & Strategy at Ulster University

Adele McElroy - CHIC Research Associate (Health Sciences)

Adele McElroy, CHIC Research Associate (Health Sciences) in School of Computing & Maths at Ulster University

Adele McKinney - Lecturer in Psychology

Adele McKinney, Lecturer in Psychology in School of Psychology at Ulster University