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Departments in Estates Services

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Led by Mairead Martin, Administration is responsible for providing administrative support for the operations of Estates Services and for the customer-focussed operation of the Estates Services helpdesk.

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Asset Management

Led by Declan McHugh, Asset Management sets out the standards and long term plans for the development, management and replacement of estate assets including buildings and engineering systems.

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Estates Improvement

Led by Peter McParland, Estate Improvement works with customers to understand requirements and carry out improvement works and also carries out general refurbishment works to maintain the estate in a safe and functionally suitable condition in line with customer expectations.

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Estates Customer Services

Led by Trevor Glenn (Greater Belfast) and Judith Hamilton (Coleraine/Magee), Estate Customer Services is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the estate to ensure a safe and comfortable environment that encompasses customer facing services including the operation of the campus receptions, maintenance of all buildings and grounds, security, portering, mail, cleaning and car park operations.

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Planning & Development

Led by Phillip Wright, Planning and Development is responsible for the development of the estate including the establishment of space requirements, the acquisition and disposal of lands and the development of new buildings and major refurbishments as well as managing the allocation of space across the estate.