eLearning courses offer flexibility enabling you to study at your own pace

All eLearning courses are delivered fully online and there is no attendance necessary at Ulster.

Our eLearning students are very much considered part of the Ulster University family and have access to the facilities and services available to all students.

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Psychology Conversion MSc

Psychology Conversion MSc

Get the skills, knowledge and confidence to transition smoothly and effectively into a career in psychology.

Open to learners with a range of different qualifications; you'll develop a deeper understanding of the core areas in psychology, from social and cognitive through to psychobiology.

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Biomedical Science MSc

Biomedical Science MSc

This innovative online Biomedical Science MSc blends academic theory with hands-on, practical techniques to equip you with the further specialist knowledge, key transferable skills and strategic problem-solving techniques to enhance your career as a Biomedical Scientist.

Features and benefits of the course:

  • IBMS-accredited Masters degree – Specialise in your chosen area of biomedical research with our online MSc recognised by the Institute of Biomedical Science.
  • Study anywhere, anytime – The online Biomedical Science MSc can be studied anywhere in the world. Students only need access to a laboratory.
  • Flexible payment options – Pay as you learn on our Masters programme, with alumni discount available to all Ulster graduates.
  • Excellent student support – A personal Student Success Advisor will answer your queries and support you from registration through to graduation.
  • Find your research specialism – Conduct your own Research Project in a specialism of your choice.
  • Advance your career as you learn – gain specialist knowledge as a Biomedical Scientist and apply your learnings immediately to boost your prospects in the field.
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Health Psychology MSc

Health Psychology MSc

Our Health Psychology Masters degree programme aims to provide students with the skills needed to understand health behaviours and psychological interventions involved in promoting wellbeing.

Features and benefits of the course:

  • A BPS-accredited online Masters – Gain critical Stage 1 training on your journey to becoming a Registered Health Psychologist in the UK.
  • Study anywhere, anytime – Our flexible online programme allows busy professionals to balance their studies with existing commitments.
  • Find your research specialism – Conduct your own Research Project in a health psychology specialism of your choice.
  • Help tackle society’s biggest health challenges – be at the forefront of a groundbreaking field and transform healthcare delivery through your research.
  • Advance your career – gain specialist knowledge and apply your learnings immediately to boost your prospects in the field.
  • Excellent student support – A dedicated Student Success Advisor will support you from registration through to graduation to answer all your queries and give guidance.
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Online Courses and E-Learning

Your guide to eLearning

Your complete guide to studying via eLearning from Andy Jaffrey, Head of the Office for Digital Learning at Ulster University.
What is eLearning?
What I can expect from eLearning?
What type of person studies via eLearning?
What are the key benefits of eLearning?
What is the range of eLearning courses?
How do I apply?
What are the myths about eLearning?