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The aim of this programme is to enrich the learning and experience of Ulster University Business School postgraduate students and provide a greater linkage between the Ulster University Business School and local business leaders.

This will be achieved through matching students (who will be mentees) with a business leader (who will be the mentor) who will provide them with a real life insight into the business world. The role of the mentor is to share experiential knowledge, networks and to give honest and constructive feedback and advice which will help the mentee with their future personal and career development.

Mentors are not expected to help with any aspect of academic work. Mentees are encouraged to shape their learning context depending on their individual aspirations.

The mentoring relationship aims to benefit both parties. We aspire for mentees to leave the programme feeling inspired to aim high for the future.

We strive for business leaders to benefit through a sense of fulfilment by ‘giving back’ however, it could also lead to idea generation, knowledge accumulation and recruitment of high-quality candidates for future business endeavours.

Goals of the programme

  1. To enrich the personal development of Ulster University Business School postgraduate students through interactions with business leaders
  2. To encourage knowledge exchange between Ulster University Business School postgraduate students and local business leaders
  3. To develop relationships between the Ulster University Business School and local business leaders

Become a mentor

The most important thing you can get out of the mentoring relationship is the opportunity to support another individual and make a real difference for the mentee in both their professional and personal life.

As a mentor you will have a chance to contribute to the development process of someone at an earlier phase in their career.

You will act as an independent ’third party’ advisor where you will share your best practices, good strategies, knowledge and experience. Key benefits of being a mentor are:

  • Personal development (learning about yourself and others through being in the mentor role).
  • Expanded professional and personal networks
  • Getting connected to new talent
  • The chance to follow your mentee’s development over time.
  • Challenges to your own assumptions
  • A broader understanding of academic programme and future opportunities to become engaged with the Ulster Business School

Become a mentee

The most important thing you can get out of the mentoring relationship is the chance to discuss issues with an independent ’third party’ who has skills and experience in the business world.

You can talk to your mentor about topics that may be difficult, awkward or impossible to discuss with your lecturers, friends, family, colleagues, your boss or your partner/husband/wife.

Having an external, ‘neutral’ person to discuss certain issues with can be easier, because they are not personally involved. Key benefits of being a mentee are:

  • Personal development.
  • An opportunity to be challenged and to receive feedback.
  • Encouragement and support in what you do.
  • The chance to use your mentor’s experience to gain insight into a particular industry, position or professional qualification.
  • Expanded professional and personal networks.

Business Leader Peer Mentoring Programme