Our top 5 reasons to study abroad

Strengthen your existing skills and develop new ones

A new educational setting will require you to build upon your learning processes, and a new routine will push you to adapt and develop new skills to cope with the change.

Add value to your degree

Studying at a university abroad will mean you are able to take classes not offered at Ulster. Doing so will give you the opportunity to extend and diversify your learning experience.

Experience new cultures

Outside of lectures, the world is your oyster! The opportunity to travel and explore will give you a wealth of experience that you can bring home.

Enhance your employability

The world is now a global stage, so what better way to get noticed? Having demonstrable experience of living and learning in another culture is often prized by employers, especially international companies.

Improve your language skills

What better way to learn a language but to live it? Even if you aren't taught in your host language, your day-to-day interactions will help you swiftly build up knowledge and vocabulary.