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At Ulster University we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your studies.

There are a number of useful links below to key University publications, policies and procedures. These outline your rights and obligations to the University when you choose to study at Ulster, as well as our obligations to you.

You should familiarise yourself with these policies and the University's Terms and Conditions.

Changes to your programme of study


  1. The University endeavours to deliver courses and programmes of study in accordance with the description set out in the prospectus. The University's prospectus is produced at the earliest possible date in order to provide maximum assistance to individuals considering applying for a course of study offered by the University.
    The University makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in the prospectus is accurate but it is possible that some changes will occur between the date of printing and the start of the academic year to which it relates.
    Please note that the University's website is the most up-to-date source of information regarding courses and facilities and we strongly recommend that you always visit the website before making any commitments.
  2. Although reasonable steps are taken to provide the programmes and services described, the University cannot guarantee the provision of any course or facility and the University may make variations to the contents or methods of delivery of courses, discontinue, merge or combine courses and introduce new courses if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the University.
    Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) industrial action, lack of demand, departure of key staff, changes in legislation or Government policy, withdrawal or reduction of funding or other circumstances beyond the University's reasonable control.
  3. If the University discontinues any courses, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course. In addition, courses may change during the course of study and in such circumstances the University will normally undertake a consultation process prior to any such changes and seek to ensure that no student is unreasonably prejudiced as a consequence of any such change.
  4. The University does not accept responsibility (other than through the negligence of the University, its staff or agents), for the consequences of any modification or cancellation of any course, or part of a course, offered by the University but will take into consideration the effects on individual students and seek to minimise the impact of such effects where reasonably practicable.
  5. The University cannot accept any liability for disruption to its provision of educational or other services caused by circumstances beyond its control, but the University will take all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to such services.

Your right to cancel

The University's admissions process is subject to Consumer Protection Law.

This means that you have the right to cancel your application to study within 14 days of accepting your offer.

Applying to Ulster University via UCAS

When you accept an offer of a place on a course as either your firm or insurance choice, a contract will be made between you and Ulster University.

You can change your mind within 14 days of accepting the offer by contacting the UCAS Customer Contact Centre on 037 1468 0468 or +44 33 0333 0230 (international)*.

After the 14-day period, it may be possible to cancel with the permission of the Faculty Admissions Office.

You will need to contact the Faculty on 028 7012 4221, and UCAS, to discuss your options.

Applying directly to Ulster University

Once you have accepted an offer to study, you can cancel within 14 days without giving a reason.

If you cancel your offer within this period, any deposit or administration or other fees you have paid will be refunded in full.

All students have a further 14 day right to cancel from the first date of term before becoming liable for tuition fees.

To exercise your right to cancel, you must inform us in writing which may be by post or email to the Admissions Office including the following informaiton:

  • Name of Applicant
  • Address of Applicant
  • Email Address of Applicant
  • I give notice that I cancel my offer of a place to study on
  • Course Title
  • Signature of Applicant (if cancellation is by letter)

To meet the cancellation deadline, you must send your right to cancel statement before the end of the cancellation period.

Statutory rights

The right to cancel is a statutory right under the United Kingdom's Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

Once 14 days have passed you can still choose to cancel your acceptance of a place to study, however you should make yourself aware of the Tuition Fee Liabilities Policy.

Your statutory right of cancellation does not affect your right to withdraw from the University at other times; subject to any ongoing obligations you may have to the University as a result of your registration should you commence studies at the University.

Your statutory right of cancellation does not affect your right to withdraw from the University at other times, subject to any ongoing obligations you may have to the University as a result of your registration.

Please refer to the Deregistration Policy should you wish to take a leave of absence or completely withdraw from study.

You are protected by Consumer Protection legislation, consolidated within the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA), and these Terms and Conditions have been established in accordance with guidance on the implications of consumer legislation for Higher Education Institutions issued by the Competition and Markets Authority.