Working in partnership with our students and the wider community

This Charter serves as our mutual guide, detailing our commitments and expectations . Read on to find out what it means for you and to ensure the best student experience for all.

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Learning Journey

  • The University is committed to:
    • Providing students with a safe, supportive yet challenging learning experience, to build self-awareness that will help them reach their full potential
    • Providing high quality learning environments based on outstanding research and teaching to enhance the learner experience
    • Providing equality of access to learning resources and facilities that will allow students the opportunity to excel
    • Developing students’ knowledge and skills and provide constructive and timely feedback on their progress
    • Analysing learning data in an appropriate and responsible way to enhance course delivery and the learner experience
    • Supporting the student ambition of employment through student enterprise and entrepreneurship initiatives
    • Providing accurate and timely information to students through effective communication systems
    • Supporting, listen to and engage with the student voice through offering effective representation systems
  • As a student you are expected to:
  • Together we endeavour to:
    • Create and encourage collaborative learning opportunities through participation and interaction with staff and students.
    • Support and develop a culture of continuous learning and high performance through effective partnership
    • Embrace diversity and build learning environments where students and staff work together in an inclusive manner and maintain open channels of communication
    • Access and engage in work based and social learning experiences to support personal and professional development.
    • Engage in learning opportunities to develop Ulster University graduate attributes and behaviours.

University Life

  • The University is committed to:
    • Help students make an easy transition to living in Northern Ireland and University life.
    • Provide for our students’ individual needs, including wellbeing support and support for students with disabilities and additional study needs.
    • Continue to invest in and develop systems to create a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaging University environment.
    • Create a can-do culture, demonstrating Ulster values to deliver excellence across the organisation
    • Offer opportunities for personal development, enrichment and wellbeing to enable students to thrive and reach their full potential
  • As a student you are expected to:
    • Behave responsibly while representing the University both inside and outside of the classroom
    • Engage and participate in community life and develop an ethos of personal and social responsibility.
    • Explore opportunities for extracurricular activity to boost academic performance, social skills and student success
    • Acknowledge when you need support and reach out to staff and support services for help as needed
  • Together we endeavour to: