Student voice

Ulster University and UUSU came together in June 2020 to establish its first ever Student Panel.

The purpose of the student led panel is to ensure that our students are active collaborators and play a central role in shaping the direction of the student and campus experience here at Ulster.

Through this partnership and placing the student voice at the heart our thinking, planning and delivery it enables Ulster to continuously enhance and provide high quality services.

The Student Panel is co-chaired by UUSU Vice Presidents for Magee and Belfast campus Dónall Ó hÉigeartaigh and Robert Millar.

Panel Membership

Panel Membership

The Student Panel is a group of students drawn from across the University with a specific demographic, which will act as a sounding board for the Student and Campus Experience project, in relation to current and future proposals.

The demographic is still to be detailed, but will include a sample of students based upon their:

  • Campus
  • Gender
  • Residency status
  • Domiciled address
  • Level of study

The members of the Student Panel are recruited on an annual basis.

Dónall Ó hÉigeartaigh ​​​​​​​(Chair)

Dónall Ó hÉigeartaigh ​​​​​​​(Chair)

Vice-President Magee, UUSU

Dónall Ó hÉigeartaigh is the UUSU VP for Magee campus.

He studied Irish and graduated in 2022. Dónall aims to help students through the ongoing cost of living crisis, as well as improve Magee campus and making it a more welcoming and accessible place for all.

Robert Millar (Chair)

Robert Millar (Chair)

Vice-President Belfast Campus, UUSU

UUSU Vice-president for the Belfast campus, Robert's role involves being lead on issues and events, pertaining but not exclusive to Belfast campus, including facilitating campaigns throughout the year and frequently being the first point of contact for concerns or advice.

Robert is also co-lead on the Sustainability Portfolio across all 4 campuses.

Kelly Gordon

Kelly Gordon

Project Officer, Strategic Programme Office

As Project Lead for Student & Campus ExperienceKelly manages the governance to support and guide all aspects of the project, whilst coordinating and delivering a number of outputs including Secretariat for the Student Panel.

Isa Lemaitre

Isa Lemaitre

Project Co-Ordinator, Strategic Programme Office

As Project Co-Ordinator for Student & Campus Experience, Isa supports the Project Lead with the governance and different aspects of the project including the Student Panel.

UUSU Student Officers

The Student Panel comprises of UUSU's full-time elected student officers, known as the Student Executive.  The Student Officers are on hand to support panelists and can help with escalating concerns or ideas to the University.  The Officers are also available should panelists wish to discuss or brainstorm ideas in advance of meetings.

The Student Executive team consists of:

  • President Grace Boyle
  • VP Education Rebecca Allen
  • VP Sport & Wellbeing Finola Quigg
  • VP Belfast Robert Millar
  • VP Coleraine Ethan Davies
  • VP Equality & Belonging Chaudhary Hamza Riaz
  • VP Magee Dónall Hegarty (Ó hÉigeartaigh)​​​​​​​

Student Panel Updates

Final Student Panel Meeting of the Year: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

The final Student Panel meeting of academic year 2021-22 took place on Friday 27 May.

Student Panel Update: April 2022 meeting

The April 2022 meeting of the Student Panel examined the purposes and functions of several important University services and initiatives....

Student Panel Update: March 2022 meeting

The Student Panel reconvened in March to talk about the new Sport’s vision and film and television festival Cinemagic arts....

Student Panel Update: February 2022 meeting

The February Student Panel was joined by Gary Clarke, Head of Commercial Services.

Student Panel Update: January 2022 meeting

Before the winter break, the Student Panel requested to get more involved in pan-university initiatives and projects.

Student Panel Update: December 2021 meeting

The December meeting of the Student Panel showcased its first hybrid event at the new Belfast campus.