SafeZone on campus

SafeZone on campus

Emergency contacts

On campus: Extension 22222
Off campus: 028 70123456


SafeZone is a free app that connects you to the University security team 24/7 if you ever need urgent help, first aid or if you have an emergency while on campus.

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Sexual Consent

Sexual Consent

Consent is OMFG- an ongoing, mutual, and freely-given agreement to take part in sexual activity. It applies to all relationships, all genders, and all sexualities.

To give consent or to get consent from someone else might seem straightforward, but the complexity of relationships and sexual encounters at university can create uncertainty.

Find out more about Consent

Report and Support

Report and Support

Ulster University is committed to supporting students impacted by Sexual Violence and/or Sexual Misconduct. This is the university’s online platform for reporting your experience.

If you have experienced Sexual Violence, or you are concerned about someone else who has experienced this, we can provide support and guidance. There are two ways you can access support and report Sexual Violence and/or Sexual Misconduct.

Report and Support Support Services

PSNI Advice for Students

PSNI Advice for Students

As many students begin or return to university or college we want you to understand how to stay safe, how to protect your property and how to be a good neighbour.

Take a look at the PSNI advice to find out how you can keep yourself as safe as possible.

PSNI Advice for Students

Personal Safety

While it is always safer to be outdoors with other people, there are occasions when you will be on your own. Learn how to keep yourself safe and how to look after personal belongings.

View more on personal safety
Need urgent help but can't speak

Need urgent help but can't speak

If you are in an emergency situation and need police help, but can't speak:

  • make yourself heard
  • let the 999 operator know your call is genuine
View silent solution guide
Is Angela about tonight?

Is Angela about tonight?

“Is Angela about tonight?”

Code for: I need your help.

Protect yourself while socialising by asking for “Angela”

More info on Ask for Angela
Car and Road Safety

Car and Road Safety

Car and road safety guidance to:

  • keep you car-safe
  • know what to do if you think you are being followed by an unknown vehicle
View Car and Road Safety

Building Safety

Safety on campus

On campus fire and evacuation guidance.

View more on campus safety

Accommodation Safety

Guidance on how to stay safe in the campus residence.

View Accommodation Safety

Mental health and support

Mental Health

Our mental health information will explain the range of common mental health issues and let you know how to access help and support for yourself or others.

View Mental health


Find out more about our counselling service and who to call when you are in need.

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