Deregistration is the term used for taking a leave of absence or completely withdrawing from your course of study. This section will guide you through the process.

Points to remember if you are thinking about deregistering from your course either via a Leave of Absence or Complete Withdrawal.

The Deregistration Policy provides further details and we also have a 60 Second Guide for ease of reference.

Log your intention to deregister on your student portal. This gives a date on your student record which can be used to inform your fee liability and prevents fees from accumulating as outlined in the Fee Liability Policy.

Make arrangements to meet with your Course Director who will provide advice and guidance on a suitable way forward exploring all possibilities best suited to your individual circumstances e.g. transferring to another programme of study or deferring studies until the next academic year.

Our Student Wellbeing Department can also provide further advice and support.

The amount of tuition fee you owe is calculated in percentage terms based on liability date throughout the year. If you do decide to deregister and are receiving financial support, you have a duty to inform your funding body.

New Students

If you are a new Full Time NI/EU/GB Undergraduate, Postgraduate or PGCE student, you will have a 14 day right to cancel from the first date of term before you become liable for tuition fees, after which, you are liable for 25% of your tuition fees with increasing liability as the academic year continues.

Returning students

If you are a returning student, you will be liable for 25% of your fees from the first date of term or the corresponding amount dependent on the date of your deregistration with increasing liability as the academic year continues.