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Our AccessAbility Advisers make reasonable adjustment recommendations (RARs) based on your specific needs and communicate them to the relevant schools, departments and professional services within the university to ensure that your needs are met.

Reasonable adjustments recommendations can include the following types of support:

  1. Exam and assessment support
  2. Teaching and learning support
  3. Library support
  4. Access considerations and physical adaptations
  5. Support providers/additional study support
  6. Assistive technology

Although we do not provide any personal care support through our Register of Support Providers, we can work with social care teams to help facilitate student needs and requirements through external agencies.

In this section

Alternative exam support strategies

Find out more about accessing supports such as a Reader, Scribe or Exam prompt for assessments and exams.

ASD Social Group

Find out more about the Neurodiverse Group facilitated by Student Wellbeing.