Take a leave of absence

Follow these steps if you are taking a break from your studies and intend to return to the University.

Taking a leave of absence means taking an authorised temporary break from your studies, usually for one calendar year which can then be extended to a maximum of two consecutive years.

You may decide to take a leave of absence if:

  • You have a documented medical or personal reason that’s making it hard for you to engage with and concentrate on your studies.
  • You’re changing from one course to another and restarting your studies the following academic year.
  • You’re resitting your exams without attending during the forthcoming academic year.
  • You have financial or motivational reasons such as undergoing a period of maternity leave or work experience.

Take a leave of absence: step-by-step

If you are thinking about taking a leave of absence, please follow these steps:

PhD researchers must submit a leave of absence request using PhD Manager.

Returning from Leave of Absence in Semester 2

If you intend to return from your leave of absence in Semester 2, please contact your campus Registry Office. This is important to ensure your student record is up to date and reflects your correct tuition fee. If you are in receipt of Student Finance, please contact your campus Registry Office to complete a resumption of study request to activate your student finance.

For Retrospective Requests, please note that these requests are not normally considered and are only approved where there is evidence of clear extenuating circumstances.

If the request is retrospective, please upload all evidence at the time of submitting the request.

Deregistration Policy

Deregistration is the term given to a break in study either via Leave of Absence or Complete Withdrawal.

Deregistration can only take place via the student portal if you have already registered as a new or returning student.

If you have not registered for the current year and wish to withdraw or take a leave of absence, simply fill in a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form in consultation with your Course Director.

If you feel you would like to deregister due to difficulties you are having with your studies or University life in general or if you need to deregister for any other reason you should initially speak to your Course Director.

Student Wellbeing can also provide further advice and support.

Further information on deregistration