When you have successfully completed your course and obtained an award, you will receive a transcript (also referred to as a statement of academic record) containing a breakdown of the modules you have taken and results achieved.

This will be provided free of charge and mailed to your home address following graduation.

If you wish to send your transcript to a prospective employer, or educational institution, you are advised to request the recipient to return the document to you.

Transcripts are not issued for postgraduate research students (PhD, MPhil etc.), but if you need confirmation of your postgraduate studies at Ulster you can contact the Doctoral College at pgr@ulster.ac.uk

Additional copies

Additional copies of your transcript can be obtained from your campus Examinations Office by completing the Transcript Request Form.

You may also request a transcript while you are a currently enrolled student which will detail the results of modules approved by examination boards up to the date of the request.


The following fees, which are subject to review, will be payable each time you apply:

Transcript Request Form

Higher Education Achievement Report

If you are enrolled at a main campus on a full time undergraduate degree programme, or integrated Master’s degree, you will be provided with a HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

The HEAR is an enhanced digital transcript which provides a record of academic and extra-curricular achievements gained while studying at Ulster University.