If you require a letter to confirm you are a student at Ulster University for your bank, council tax or for social security benefits, you can download this information from your student portal once you are a registered student.

Why I may need to confirm my attendance

You may require a confirmation of attendance letter to open a bank account, to apply for a bank load, to be provided to your landlord or any other purpose where you need to prove you are a registered student of the university.

In order to download your confirmation of attendance letter you need to complete online enrolment annually to prove you are a registered student.

Download your Attendance letter

  1. Log into your Portal
  2. Select Banner
  3. Select the Student Records, Fees and Financial Aid menu
  4. Select Registration
  5. Select Confirmation of Attendance Letter
  6. Print

If you have difficulties

If you have any difficulties downloading or scanning the form, just contact your campus Registry Office and we can print the form on your behalf.