Tuition Fees FAQs

Tuition fees FAQs and answers.

You are advised to read the Tuition Fees Payment Policy in full:

The following FAQs are for guidance only.

  1. How much are my tuition fees?

    Visit Tuition Fee Rates for information on tuition fees.

  2. How can I pay my fees?

    You will be able to choose from different payment options during online enrolment and you can also pay online.  Visit Payment Methods for further information.

  3. Can I pay my fees directly to the University’s bank account?

    Yes. Visit BACS Payment/Bank Transfer for further information.

  4. Do I need to pay my tuition fees before I start my course?

    If you are a self-funding student, you need to pay your tuition fees in full in order to register or to sign up to one of our two instalment plans - Recurring Card Payment or Direct Debit.

  5. Can I pay in instalments?

    We have two instalment plans available – Recurring Card Payment and Direct Debit.

  6. Where and when do I need to hand in my Student Loans Company notification letter?

    Ulster University does not require this letter; your information will be electronically sent to Ulster University from the Student Loans Company.

  7. When should I apply to the Student Loans Company for my tuition fee loan?

    You are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure that your funding is available at the start of your programme. If the University has not received electronic confirmation from the SLC by 15 November, you will be deemed to be self-funding until this confirmation has been received.

    Please see our information for SLC Funded Students.

  8. I am a full-time undergraduate student on my placement year; do I still have to pay tuition fees?

    Yes, tuition fees are due for your placement year. Visit the following links for further information:

    Tuition Fee Rates

    Student Finance NI

    Student Loans Company (information on SLC funding)

  9. My fees are being paid by my employer or other organisation; when do I notify the fees office?

    Visit Sponsored Students for further information.

  10. Do I have to provide a sponsor letter each academic year?

    Yes. Please forward your sponsor letter to the Tuition Fees Office in advance of registration. It can be sent  to the Tuition Fees Office as an attachment to an email. Please ensure that your Student ID (B00) number is stated on the letter.

  11. I have applied for a Career Development Loan (CDL). Do I need to set anything up on the online enrolment system?

    If you have not yet received notification of eligibility, you will need to sign up to an alternative payment plan.

    If you have been awarded a CDL, you will receive a breakdown of your CDL with the amounts and dates that payments will be made to the University. Please forward a copy of this to the Tuition Fees Office. Any refund due to you will be paid on completion of a refund application form.

  12. How do I get a receipt for payment of my tuition fees?

    If you have paid via the online payment system, a receipt will automatically be emailed to the email address that you supplied when the payment was being made. If you have paid by cash, cheque or banker’s draft you should request a receipt at the time of making the payment. If you require a receipt for payment made by bank transfer or by direct debit, please email or contact the Cashier's Office on your campus.

  13. How do I apply for a tuition fee refund?

    If you drop modules, take a leave of absence, withdraw from your programme or have overpaid for any other reason, you may be entitled to a refund. Please note that you must ensure that your registration record is updated in order to adjust the fee amount payable. Only then will a refund payment be processed. To request a tuition fee refund, you must complete a Tuition Fee Refund Application Form. You must indicate on your refund form the details of the bank account into which you wish your refund to be paid. Please also ensure that you sign the application form.

    Useful links:

  14. I am a self-funding Overseas student; do I have to pay my fees in full at registration?

    Tuition fees must be paid in full at registration. If you are unable to pay your tuition fees in full, a minimum deposit of £2,000 must be paid and an instalment plan set up for the balance at registration. Visit  Payment Methods for further information.

  15. If I pay by Direct Debit / Recurring Card Payment will there be any additional charges to my tuition fees?

    No - there is no charge incurred for any of the above plans. However, if your direct debit comes back as unpaid, an administrative charge of £45 will be applied to your tuition fee account and your direct debit will be cancelled. You will also lose access to your Library/IT facilities. If your recurring card payment resubmission fails, an administrative charge of £45 will be applied to your tuition fee account and you will lose access to your Library/IT facilities.

  16. I am a member of staff and will be exempt from Tuition Fees how often do I need to provide a Staff Exemption Form?

    A new Staff Tuition Fee Exemption Form needs to be forwarded to the Tuition Fees Office each academic year.

  17. How can I view my Student Account online?

    Via the Student Portal then select the Banner link for your student account.

  18. Why is my Alumni Discount not showing on my tuition fee account?

    Please see Alumni Discount for further information. Please also check with your Faculty that you are eligible for the Alumni Discount and, if applicable, that they have updated this on the system.

  19. Is there a discount for paying in full?

    Visit Tuition Fee Discounts for further information.