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Where appropriate, Council, the University’s governing body, may delegate authority or allocate some of its work to committees, grant delegated authority to the Chair of a committee to act on its behalf, and/or delegate responsibility to the Vice-Chancellor and members of the Senior Leadership Team.  It is important that any such delegations are clearly defined in writing and formally approved by the governing body.

In this context, Council and the University Executive approved a new Delegated Authority Framework (DAF) on 6 May 2022 and this is accessible below in two formats: the Online Interactive Version and the Full PDF Version. The Online DAF is searchable by:

  • Key words
  • Category
  • Senior Leadership Team Lead Officer
  • Final Authority

If you have any queries regarding the interpretation of the DAF, please forward these to me at In the instances of dispute, queries will be escalated to the Vice-Chancellor, who will consult on the interpretation of the DAF with the Chair of Council where appropriate.

It is our intention that the DAF will be a live document, routinely updated to ensure that this supports timely and effective decision-making processes within the University.  If you have any difficulty in implementing the DAF, or if you would like to propose areas for improvement, please forward these to me - at - for consideration.

The DAF will be subject to formal review in January 2023.

Clare Jamison

University Secretary

View Online Delegated Authority Framework