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Over the next few weeks and months we will be sharing your stories, support, and advice to help you stay connected and involved throughout this pandemic, as well as providing content that you ask us for. Let’s do this, together!

As always, our Ulster University Student Wellbeing team are on hand to provide advice and support to anyone who has any questions or concerns – please do not be afraid to reach out, they are just a phone call or email away to the help you might need. It’s ok to not feel ok.

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Trending: Managing Stress

We understand university can be challenging, especially at this time of year.  With assignments due, exams coming up and tackling at home learning - there's a lot going on.  Take some advice from our students who have given their hints, tips and advice to help you stay on top of your game. #WeGotThis

University stress: 5 tips to help you manage your work more efficiently

Our students share their best advice on how to manage your university workload.

  9 Nov 2020

Tags:   Stress   Motivation   Exams   Self-care

   Studying at UU   Student Wellbeing

Dr Ava Brown: 5 tips to help with motivation

Dr Ava Brown shares her top 5 tips that are a sure way to help you stay motivated.

  9 Nov 2020

Tags:   Motivation   Stress   Self-care

  Student Wellbeing    Studying at UU

Stefanie McCluskey: Working from home

Try these top tips to work from home successfully.

  5 Nov 2020

Tags:   Motivation   Self-care   Stress

   Studying at UU   Student Wellbeing

Brooke Hogshaw: Living with autism and managing university

Listen to UU student Brooke Hogshaw, as she tells us about living with autism and the support she received.

  27 Nov 2020

Tags:   Autism   Self-care

  Student Wellbeing   Your Stories

Caoimhe Clements: Student mental wellbeing

Caoimhe tells us about the support she received from Ulster University when she was struggling with her mental health.

  27 Nov 2020

Tags:   Self-care

  Student Wellbeing   Your Stories

Kayleigh Tinney: When you can’t control the situation, control your reaction to it

All we have at the minute is time. Time to take chances, time to grow and time to flourish.

  25 Nov 2020

Tags:   Covid-19   Self-care

  Your Stories   Student Wellbeing

Keela Costello: My work placement experience before and during a global pandemic

I had finished my placement feeling a lot more confident about the year ahead and the dreaded job hunt after graduation.

  25 Nov 2020

Tags:   Placements   Covid-19

  Your Stories   Student Wellbeing   Careers

Kayla Collins: What life is like as a student during Covid-19

This year will definitely be a struggle for the vast majority of us, but if we try and get ourselves into a routine and the right head space, I have no doubt we will all do as well as we hope.

  25 Nov 2020

Tags:   Covid-19   Lockdown

  Your Stories   Student Wellbeing

Rory Skillen: Covid-19, It’s made me a better student

With everything that’s been said, I still want to make it clear that like everyone else, I can’t wait for Covid:19 to disappear and for normality to return. What I am thankful for is that it presented me with an opportunity to make sure I’m going into that future as prepared as I can be

  25 Nov 2020

Tags:   Lockdown   Covid-19

  Your Stories   Student Wellbeing