Evidence required

All students must submit evidence from sections 1 - 3. Sections 4 - 6 will not apply to all students, but if it applies to you, please upload with the rest of your documents.

All documents must be official downloads in the original, unedited PDF format. To upload documents available to you online, you can save these as PDF by selecting 'Print' and changing your printer to 'Save as PDF'. Please see section 7 for help accessing your online bank statements in the correct format.

If you are unsure about the evidence required, please contact us on sma@ulster.ac.uk

Failure to upload evidence at the time of submission may result in unnecessary delays.

  • 1. Evidence of fee funding

    As part of the eligibility criteria, you must show that you have taken all funding available to you, or made arrangements to pay tuition fees if you are not eligible receive student funding. Please choose from the following those that apply and upload to your application.

    Nursing Students

    • BSO Bursary letter of confirmed entitlement, or a clear photo / scanned copy of your most recent BSO pay slip.

    Allied Health students

    • Student Finance breakdown letter (can be downloaded from Student Finance website under 'Letters & Emails' and it is called a ‘Notification of Entitlement’) Please upload the full letter.
    • A clear photo / scanned copy of your Allied Health Bursary letter

    Social Work Student

    • Student Finance breakdown letter (can be downloaded from Student Finance website under 'Letters & Emails' and it is called a ‘Notification of Entitlement’). Please upload the full letter.
    • A clear photo / scanned copy of your Social Work bursary letter.

    Other Full-time Undergraduate home students

    • Student Finance breakdown letter (can be downloaded from Student Finance website under 'Letters & Emails' and it is called a ‘Notification of Entitlement’). Please upload the full letter.

    Part-time & Postgraduate students

    • Student Finance breakdown letter (can be downloaded from Student Finance website under 'Letters & Emails' and it is called a ‘Notification of Entitlement’). Please upload the full letter.

    PhD Students

    • Clear photo / scanned copy of your Scholarship letter detailing stipend.

    ROI/EU students

    • Student Finance EU tuition fee letter.

    International or those note eligible for funding due to previous study

    • A receipt showing that fees have been fully paid, or evidence that a payment plan has been arranged with the Fees office.
  • 2. Evidence of living arrangements

    If you are not living with parents/guardians or family full-time, you will need to upload evidence for one of the following:

    Living in Halls – Confirmation letter detailing total amount due.

    Living in rented housing - Signed Tenancy agreement detailing current monthly payments or a letter from your letting agent on headed paper, detailing your name, address and monthly amount payable.  A Tenancy Deposit Scheme receipt cannot be accepted in lieu of a full tenancy agreement.

    Homeowner - Recent mortgage statement detailing monthly payments.

  • 3. Evidence of your current financial situation

    Financial Statements

    Students must upload official PDF eStatements for all banking/financial accounts, including statements from Revolut, Monzo, PayPal, Money Box, investment accounts, etc. and those in other currencies.

    • We require official online PDF bank eStatements for both yourself and your partner/spouse (if applicable) clearly showing transactions for the last three months to date.
    • Statements are required for ALL financial accounts, current, savings, online only (whether used or not) held solely or jointly in your name (e.g. with partner) or closed within the last three months.
    • We can only accept official downloaded online bank eStatements in their original, unedited PDF format. Please see section 7 for help accessing these in the correct format.

    Credit Accounts

    If you have any of the following, please upload your most recent statement for all that apply:

    • Credit card
    • Payday loan
    • Online retail account (e.g. Very, Next, Littlewoods, etc.)
    • Credit Union account (Statement must show shares and loan)
    • Personal Bank loan
    • Hire Purchase agreements
    • Door step lender book (e.g. Provident, Morses)
    • Debt management plan
    • Debt recovery letter
    • Insolvency Letter / County Court Judgement / Debt Relief Order
  • 4. Evidence of Social Security benefits

    Please upload a letter detailing current payments received, for all that apply:

    • NI Housing Executive letter detailing housing benefit received
    • Child & Working Tax Credit letter detailing amounts received OR most recent 3 months Universal Credit letters detailing breakdown of payments received (to download, simply click on 'Print' and change your printer to 'Save as PDF' to allow easy upload to your application)
    • ESA letter detailing amounts received
    • PIP letter detailing amounts received
  • 5. Evidence of being on a Leave of Absence, on placement or studying outside Ulster University

    Leave of Absence

    This only applies to students who are currently on a Leave of Absence due to medical reasons or due to caring responsibilities. (Those on LOA for other reasons are not eligible to apply)

    • A letter confirming that you are currently on a leave of absence, clearly stating the reason for such, and an expected return date.

    Placement / Studying outside UU

    This only applies to students who are completing placement year as part of a sandwich course, or those studying abroad for a semester/year:

    • A letter confirming you are studying abroad, detailing the institution and duration of study
    • A letter confirming your Erasmus grant
    • A letter from your employer detailing your salary and duration of your placement plus two most recent payslips
  • 6. Additional Evidence

    Please upload evidence for all that apply:

    • Two months most recent Childcare receipts for registered child care provider
    • Two most recent payslips showing your earnings
    • Two most recent payslips showing your partners earnings
    • A letter confirming you have been subject to a Care Order
    • A letter confirming you have registered as homeless with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • 7. How to download official Statements

    Current & Savings Accounts

    If you are unable to access your statements using the below instructions or in the required PDF eStatement format, please contact your bank for further support.

    For accounts that have been closed within the last three months, your bank legally has to provide statements for up to five years from the date of closure. If you cannot easily source these, your bank will have full details available on their website.

    AIB/First Trust
    • Log-in to your AIB/First Trust online banking
    • Click on ‘Accounts’ in the menu bar across the top of the screen
    • Select ‘My Statements’ or  ‘e-statements’ from the drop down box
    • Select the account and the month required.  NB you will have to do this separately for each month required.
    • Click on ‘view e statement’
    • Statement will open in a separate window
    • Repeat above for all accounts and months required
    Bank of Ireland

    (BOI 365 online banking account required):

    • Select Statements from main menu.
    • Choose the second tab, ‘Statements and documents’.
    • Select the account from the drop-down list.
    • Choose the eStatement you wish to view. This will open in a new tab or window on your browser.
    • In the browser menu, choose print.
    • Choose "Print to PDF" or "Save to PDF".
    • Click on Save.
    • A ‘Save As’ dialog box will appear. This enables you to choose where on your PC to save your eStatement.
    • Log into eBanking
    • Go to 'Home' and to your right you will see  'Important Information'
    • Click on 'Unread documents in Electronic mailbox'
    • Document list will appear with your entire past bank statements.

    For Current Accounts:

    • Sign in using a desktop browser
    • Click ‘view statement’
    • Click ‘Statement options’
    • Click ‘Monthly PDFs’
    • Click on the month you wish to download and ‘view PDF’.
    • Save to your computer.
    • Repeat this for each account held and for the months required.
    • Log -in to your HSBC online banking,
    • Click on the 'my banking' subheading on the Account dashboard to reveal options.
    • In the 3rd column, click on 'Documents'
    • This will open the page for 'my statements' -
    • Note: you can choose statements month by month, or by entering start and finish dates.
    • Click the 'download' option to save official PDF statements to your computer.
    • Log in
    • Select account
    • Click the arrow on the top right-hand side
    • Scroll down to Statement History
    • Save via preferred method
    • Log in
    • Go to 'View Accounts' menu
    • Click on the account you want to view
    • From the 'View Accounts' panel on the left side, click 'Previous statements'
    • Select the PDF statement you want to view
    • Select Print - pop up window will open
    • Click to change printer to 'Save as PDF'
    • Repeat this for each statement required.
    • Log-in to your PayPal account via desktop
    • Click on  'Activity'
    • Beside 'Filters', select 'Statements'
    • Select 'Custom'
    • To obtain a full statement, select 'Transaction Type - All Transactions'
    • Select 'Date range - Past 3 months'
    • Select 'Format - PDF' and click on Create report
    • Your statement should be available within 2-3 minutes. Download and save to your computer for upload.
    • Log in to your online portfolio
    • Click on Statements & Documents to view your statements
    • Download the required PDF statements
    • Repeat for each month required.
    • Log in
    • Select Accounts
    • Click the top right symbol (Accounts Manager)
    • Click on each active account i.e. GBP
    • Click statement
    • Click on each month and ‘Get PDF statement’ - ensure to get 3 full months

    For official statements:

    • Log-in to your Santander online banking
    • Click on e-Documents
    • Under document search, select the required month’s statement and click ‘search’
    • Select View in PDF beside the account name
    • Click ‘Go’ and save statement to your PC
    • Repeat this for each account held and for the months required.

    For recent transactions:

    • Log-in to your Santander online banking
    • Click on your account name
    • Click on ‘Download Transactions’, just above the transaction list
    • Select to download PDF
    • Enter required start and finish dates, then 'Download' to save your computer
    Ulster Bank
    • Log-in to anytime banking
    • Select ‘Statements’ from the menu
    • Click on View, save and print PDF statements
    • Select the account and click next
    • Select the required statement then click ‘view statement’
    • Click on ‘Download statements (PDF)’ and save
    • Repeat for three months required and for each account.

    Credit Cards

    • Log-in to your Barclaycard account
    • Select 'Statements' from menu bar
    • Click on 'Statements' in sub-menu
    • Click on the statement you require
    • A new window will open. Select download icon to save to your computer
    • Log-in to your Halifax online banking
    • Click on ‘view statement’
    • Select PDF statements
    • Click on ‘Download’ beside required statement to save to your computer
    • Log-in to your MBNA account
    • Select your account from the cards overview list
    • Click on ‘Statements’
    • Under ‘Select a statement’ chose the month you require and click ‘view’
    • Select the option ‘view full statement’ to download and save to your computer
    • Log-in to your Tesco online banking
    • Click on ‘Manage Account’
    • Select ‘Online Statements’
    • Select the statement you require and click on ‘view monthly statement’
    • A new window will open. Select download icon to save to your computer

    Online Retail accounts

    • Sign-in to your Very account
    • Click on ‘My Account’
    • Select ‘Transaction History’ from the menu
    • Under the transaction history drop-down, select the required statement
    • Select ‘download’
    • A new window will open. Select download icon to save to your computer.

Steps to apply:

  1. About the fund
  2. Documentary evidence required
  3. Apply for the fund