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Each year we host a number of Business Briefings and welcome organisations to attend and hear how we support businesses to recruit quality graduates and students, support workforce development and access knowledge, technology and skills through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).

This year the focus was on the Economic Outlook for 2018 and exploring the ways in which we successfully collaborate with businesses in support of recruitment, development and innovation. Representatives from the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre (UUEPC) presented their latest economic outlook per region and included labour market analysis including the potential impact of increased automation.

“There was great engagement with local business representatives who attended and from an economic perspective there was strong consensus that advancing the skills agenda is critically important to long term business success.  Access to a labour force with the right skills for today’s workplace is a consistent message we hear from employers and unfortunately has been absent from the local political debate.”

Gareth Hetherington, Ulster University Economic Policy Centre

The events took place on the Magee Campus, The MAC Belfast and the Coleraine Campus. We welcomed over 150 organisations across a wide range of sectors and will continue to grow this number in future business briefing events.

Thank you to all of those who attended, if you were unable to attend but would like to be invited to similar events in the near future, you can join our employer mailing list.