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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS is a quality assured method of peer mentoring with recognised benefits for student mentees, PASS leaders (student mentors) and staff.

There are 21 quality assured principles that guide how PASS operates. It is an adaptation of a Supplemental Instruction model (SI) which was initiated in 1973 at The University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC).

It is an internationally renowned academic support and retention program with recognised National and International networks.

Taking Boys Seriously

The Taking Boys Seriously research project, led by Ulster University, seeks to proactively engage with young men, schools and youth groups to increase attainment and levels of higher education participation among young males.

The Science Shop

The Science Shop is a community-engaged research and learning resource for community and voluntary partners across Northern Ireland.

Looked After Children

MY LACES is a partnership project between the Western Trust, Ulster University and local Primary Schools.  It offers 10 young, looked after children the opportunity to be mentored by social work students at Magee Campus each Wednesday after school.

Care Experienced Young People

Ulster University encourages and welcomes applications from students who have experienced care.  It provides advice and support for young people who have been looked after by their local authority in foster or residential care to encourage them to apply to the University.

If you are leaving care or have previously spent time in care for three months or more and are thinking of applying to the University, there is a range of services and provision that the University can offer you.

Tutoring in Schools

The Tutoring in Schools programme places Ulster University students in any primary, secondary or special needs school across Northern Ireland and participation from regional colleges is also welcome.

Schools Outreach

The Schools' Partnership Unit offers an extensive portfolio of aspiration and attainment raising activities designed for delivery in primary and post primary schools across Northern Ireland.

Community Engagement

At a campus level we engage with local and regional community groups to identify community educational attainment needs and prioritise resources for the benefit of the people in the immediate locality and beyond.

Subject Led Outreach Projects

Subject specialists across the University design and deliver a range of educational aspiration and/or attainment projects delivered in partnership within Flexible Education.

Civic Ambassadors

Staff are supported to engage with local communities. By sharing their knowledge and expertise they aim to raise aspirations and/or attainment across our civic themes of Social Renewal, Sustainability, Healthy Communities, and Creativity and Culture.

Community Fellows

Our Community Fellows are appointed on the basis their proactive involvement with communities across all local Government Councils.

They are experienced in promoting the wellbeing and educational attainment of others who traditionally would not have direct access to Higher Education.