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The Schools' Partnership Unit offers an extensive portfolio of aspiration and attainment raising activities designed for delivery in primary and post primary schools across Northern Ireland, including our new Discovery Academy.

The new Discovery Academy creates a sustainable digital learning opportunity for Key Stage 3-5 pupils to explore an all-embracing range of university aligned courses from 'Biomedical Science', 'Criminology', to ‘Entrepreneurship’ and many more.  Designed to encourage curiosity, engage individual educational needs, alongside reducing the ecological/carbon footprints of university outreach.

If you need help with enrolment please see our Pupil Login Guide, with outlines all necessary instructions for creating an account.

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About Schools Outreach

Ulster University is working with primary and post primary schools across Northern Ireland to engage and inspire the next generation.

Schools Outreach Team

View contact information for the Schools Outreach Team.

Schools Outreach Events

Schools Outreach at Ulster University.

Schools Outreach Academy

Ulster University’s educational outreach is designed to raise aspirations, widen participation and increase attainment across primary and post primary sectors.

Case Studies

Ulster University annually offers amazing opportunities to all our school partners both through a virtual medium and face to face medium or a blend of both.

Manchester United Foundation

Manchester United Foundation and Ulster University team up to engage and inspire young people.