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Ulster University is working with Primary and post Primary Schools across Northern Ireland to engage and inspire the next generation.

Ulster University has a strong sense of civic purpose with values grounded in helping to advance society in Northern Ireland.

With campuses that are accessible across the region at Belfast/Jordanstown, Coleraine (North Coast) and Magee (Northwest) and an extensive network of validated provision across the FE sector of Northern Ireland, the University has a wide range of admissions, access pathways and financial packages to support those with difficult circumstances to overcome disadvantage and enter higher education.

The University’s contribution to widening access and participation for Northern Ireland is considerable.

To achieve this the University works in partnership through schools and community outreach, to ensure that all pupils have fair opportunity to access and success in higher education.

The University is committed to engaging school pupils across the region in high quality Educational Outreach projects, specifically designed to motivate and inspire the next generation.

This outreach has given pupils the opportunity to participate in programmes co-designed by Ulster University academics, to provide information on higher education - to raise awareness, remove barriers and create pathways to Ulster, to ensure that personal backgrounds do not determine future prospects.

To find out how your school could can get involved, please contact by email or access our online learning platform at Ulster University Schools Outreach Academy.