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Schools Outreach events at Ulster University.

Ulster University’s Schools Outreach Team work in collaboration with Faculty partners to develop unique and innovative programmes that complement the primary and secondary curriculum for schools across the province.

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Current Competitions

You ARe the future!

You ARe the future! Year 11-14 schools competition. Present a concept for an Augmented Reality app for a chance to win a first prize of a Fire HD 10 Tablet, second prize of a Fire HD 8 Tablet or third prize of a £50 amazon voucher.


We're used to seeing amazing and futuristic technology in movies, but the reality is that the line between science fiction and modern technology is blurring all the time.

How we interact with the digital world is always evolving and as new technology becomes available so do opportunities for inventive applications and exciting experiences.

We would like you to come up with an app concept that uses Augmented Reality (AR). AR allows us to introduce digital elements in to real world environments as seen in popular apps like Pokemon Go, Google's Animal Search Feature, IKEA Place, the Apple Store and it is very popular as a concept in movies like Iron Man and many, many more.

The key to this project will be to think of a good use for AR. This could be a fun game, a way of communicating, a teaching tool, a creative function within artwork, something music or movie related, measuring, way finding or even just something to pass the time. There are no limits!

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