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Ulster University’s Schools Outreach Team work in collaboration with Faculty partners to develop unique and innovative programmes that complement the primary and secondary curriculum for schools across the province.

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Photography Competition

The world’s population is constantly increasing. To accommodate everyone, we need to build modern, sustainable cities. For all of us to survive and prosper, we need new, intelligent urban planning that creates safe, affordable and resilient cities with green and culturally inspiring living conditions.

The aim of the SDG 11 goals is to make cities and communities sustainable and we all have to take action.

The pupils are required to submit the following:
  1. Take a photo of the Built and Natural world around them.
  2. Using 280 characters or less explain how you believe the image contributes towards SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities. Pick from the following list below, how you believe your picture can contribute to the SDG 11 goals.
  3. For example, your photo could be of a public transport and by using the bus/train people could help reduce the environmental impact of your town/city (11.6).  Or it could be of a new green space and that could link to 'Provide Access to Safe and Inclusive Green and Public Spaces (11.7)'.
  4. Email your photo and your 280 character explanation to
  5. Please include your first name, surname, school name & address, your year and your teacher
  6. Please label your folder (image and word document) with your first name and surname.
  7. Closing date the 28th February 2022

Sustainable Development Goal 11:

  1. Safe and Affordable Housing
  2. 1Affordable and Sustainable Transport Systems
  3. Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanisation
  4. Protect the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage
  5. Reduce the Adverse Effects of Natural Disasters
  6. Reduce the Environmental Impact of Cities
  7. Provide Access to Safe and Inclusive Green and Public Spaces
  8. Strong National and Regional Development Planning
  9. Implement Policies for Inclusion, Resource Efficiency and Disaster Risk Reduction
  10. Support Lease Developed Countries in Sustainable and Resilient Building

Get more information on the SDG 11 goals

Photography competition flyer