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Ulster University is delighted to announce our formal partnership with Manchester United Foundation, working with the Schools Outreach team on the Magee Campus.

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Our inclusive educational outreach for schools is designed to raise aspirations, widen participation and increase attainment across both primary and post-primary sectors in preparation for engagement in higher-level learning.

The partnership with Manchester United Foundation will focus on delivering positive outcomes and providing opportunities for young people across the Foyle Learning Community.

Building on the success of the United the Business programme delivered on campus, we are delighted to introduce Matthew Lewsley, Manchester United Foundation School Partnership Officer who will be based full-time at Ulster University on the Magee Campus.

Manchester United Foundation use football to engage and inspire young people to build a better life for themselves and unite the communities in which they live. Dedicated staff deliver football coaching, educational programmes and personal development, providing young people with opportunities to change their lives for the better.

Ulster University’s three-year agreement with Manchester United Foundation will support schools outreach in partnership with the Foyle Learning Community. Pupils in Derry~Londonderry will learn business and entrepreneurial skills to increase their engagement in education and give them greater confidence in their own abilities.

At the forefront of the scheme is the Foyle Learning Community, which has a leading role in educational attainment in the city and reflects Ulster University’s commitment to opening doors to higher education. Ulster University aims to create shared spaces for education that can bring together communities while offering aspiration-raising engagement for young people.

Dr Malachy Ó Néill, Provost of the Magee Campus at Ulster University said:

“At Ulster University, we pride ourselves on our strong links with local schools and strive to create a welcoming environment on our campus for activities that benefit the local community.

“Working together with Foyle Learning Community and Manchester United Foundation, we aim to inspire students by fostering skills and self-belief that they will carry with them throughout their education and future careers.”

Helpful Resources


The worksheets include fun educational tasks for all ages, such as crosswords, word searches, even some Manchester United maths and geography, plus an additional challenge sheet to test your creativity.

Play Safe Booklet

The Play Safe booklet, supported by Manchester United global partner adidas, provides coaches, teachers and young people the tools to play football at a safe distance.

The resources include 21 warm-ups, drills and games making over 300 combinations that can be adapted for all age groups and abilities.

Inclusive Football Workouts

These sessions have been designed by the disability and inclusion team in line with the Foundation’s ambition to provide online activities and challenges to support people of all abilities through the pandemic.