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The Committee for Access, Participation and Student Success has a remit to keep under review and, as appropriate, advise and make recommendations in relation to the University's Widening Access and Participation Plan, policy, research, student applications and entry and success profiles.

It reports to:

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Academic Planning Advisory Group
  • Distributed Education Board

Terms of Reference

Its purpose is to:

  • Uphold the sector-leading position of Ulster University as a civic university.
  • Provide monitoring, governance, recommendations and an annual report on the effectiveness of:
  • educational outreach to schools and communities
  • fair access, academic planning, admissions and partnerships
  • inclusive participation, retention and progression
  • equity in achievement, success and student outcomes.
  • In discharging its responsibilities the sub committee will consider, report on and make recommendation on:

    1. Relevant University KPIs in civic contribution and academic excellence.
    2. The statutory Widening Access and Participation Plan.
    3. Academic planning and admissions policy in relation to fair access.
    4. Access pathways and validated provision in relation to fair access.
    5. Participation and success statistics at University Campus, Faculty and School levels to ensure awareness of and guide interventions to secure equity.
    6. Inclusivity of curriculum and learning with regard to retention, participation and student success.
    7. Academic, student and employability support in relation to student success.
    8. The effectiveness of educational outreach and community engagement with schools and communities that promote aspiration, fair access, meaningful networks and campus identities.

    In its deliberations the Committee will have due regard to impact on, and implications for, the University’s commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity and good relations as outlined in its Equality Scheme, and associated policies, and where possible and practicable the Committee will ensure that its actions are proactive in this respect.

    Committee Membership

    Committee Membership


    Professor B Murphy

    Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) (Ex-Officio)

    Professor P Bartholomew

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Ex-Officio)

    Professor A Adair


    Professor R Folli

    Dr K Hutchinson

    Dr M O’Neill

    Faculty Nominees

    Faculty Nominees

    Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

    Dr J Hamilton

    Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment

    Dr N Ayre

    Life and Health Sciences

    Professor O Barr

    Ulster University Business School

    Dr Shirley Barrett

    Central Departments

    Central Departments

    Director of Employability

    Mr D McGivern

    Head of Centre for Flexible Education

    Mrs A Scanlon

    WAP Research and Impact Manager

    Mrs C O’Donnell

    Head of Student Support

    Ms C Drummond

    Head of Student Planning and Information Development

    Dr S E Crothers

    Director of Community Engagement, Belfast

    Dr D Morrow

    Chair of Collaborative Forum

    Mrs Maeve Paris

    UUSU Representatives

    Ms A Honan

    Mr K McStravock



    WAP Policy Officer

    Mrs B A Hunter

    Committee for Access, Participation and Student Success