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Committee Meetings 2023/24

  • 12 September 2023
  • 10 November 2023
  • 26 January 2024
  • 8 March 2024
  • 7 June 2024

Terms of Reference

To be responsible to the Council for oversight of all aspects of the Belfast Campus building Development and the relocation to the new Campus.

  1. The Committee will receive and consider;
    1. The minutes of monthly GBD Project Board meetings
    2. The monthly updated risk register and review of all strategic, operational, construction and other project contingencies
    3. Financial updates including monthly movements of spend against budget, monthly cashflow and loan drawdown
    4. All aspects of project programme including quarterly independent assessments and details of all project related procurement
    5. Monthly updates from the Senior Project Director and Project Director
  2. The Committee will consider and approve (within the approved budget);
    1. Contract variations or settlements with the contractor and consultants (subject to consent of the lender when required)
    2. Significant budget variations (within the approved and funded budget)
    3. Levels of delegated authority for the Project Board and executive team
  3. The Committee will recommend to Resources Committee/Council:
    1. Any overall increase to the project budget
    2. Any significant changes required to the governance or overall contractual arrangements of the project
  4. To oversee the work of the project team and provide reassurance to the full Council and funder that all risks are understood and are being managed to ensure project delivery within the agreed programme budget and quality specification.
  5. On a quarterly basis receive reports from the main contractor with the Senior Project Director to discuss the progress of the project, any significant issues or obstacles to completion.
  6. To provide for-information reports on the work of the Committee to each meeting of the University Council in a format to be agreed by the Council.

Frequency of meetings and duration

The Committee will have scheduled bi-monthly meetings until October 2021 (or move in date, whichever is later) along with ad hoc meetings convened as needed to meet the needs of the project. After October 2021 meetings become quarterly until financial completion.

The Committee will have due regard, in reaching decisions, to their impact on, and implications for, the University’s commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity and good relations as outlined in its Equality Scheme, and associated policies, and where possible and practicable the Committee will ensure that its actions are proactive in this respect.

These Terms of Reference will be subject to annual review.