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To be eligible for these awards (*normally one Doctoral and one Non-Doctoral) the student must have demonstrated significant academic achievement during the period in which he/she was registered on an Ulster University course.

At the time of nomination the student must have been registered at the Ulster University on a Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma, Masters or PhD programme within the last academic year.

Whilst the examples given below are not exclusive, evidence of academic achievement in one or more of the following areas should be documented on the nomination form:

Academic Achievement


  • National/International conference presentations (peer reviewed)
  • Publications in academic journals (peer reviewed)
  • Contribution to knowledge in a specific field
  • Winning a major academic prize
  • Exhibition of successful artistic work
  • Recognition by a professional body

Although the awards are primarily made to recognise outstanding academic achievement, other contributions and achievements of the student should be documented on the nomination form. While the examples given below are not exclusive, they are indicative of the type of activities that should be included.

Overcoming Disability/Personal Adversity


  • Being a role model for other students in overcoming disability or personal adversity
  • Improving the opportunities for students with a disability to achieve personal objectives by advocacy, lobbying or way paving
  • Raising awareness of the University’s support for students with a disability
  • Contributing to organisations/charities concerned with supporting disability

Voluntary Work/Community Engagement


  • Undertaking work/research with a voluntary or community organisation which made a substantial difference to the lives of the client group or community
  • Establishing/organising events to raise cultural awareness
  • Setting up clubs/societies drawing the University and local communities together
  • Significant fundraising
  • Work with international organisations.

Personal Achievement


  • Sporting success
  • Success in any other sphere of you their personal/non-academic life

In making the awards the selection panel will in the first instance give consideration to:

  • the impact and significance of the academic achievement

Should it arise that following the consideration of the academic achievement of those nominated it is impossible to make the award solely on the basis this criteria (i.e., in the event of a tie for first place), the other contributions and achievements of the students deemed to have achieved the highest academic excellence will be considered to select a winner. In such circumstances, the selection panel will give consideration to:

  • the level of disability/adversity overcome and any resulting impact on others
  • the impact and significance of the contribution/achievement

The awards will be made to the student/s who in the opinion of the selection panel have demonstrated the most significant achievement. The selection panel’s decision is final.

Nominations for the award may be made by staff, students (other than the nominee), alumni or other interested parties, but must be seconded by a current or past member of academic staff.

The selection panel may ask for short listed students to attend an interview or give a presentation where there is insufficient information on the initial nomination forms to make a final decision.

The awards take the form of a perpetual trophy and will be presented during the winter Graduation Ceremonies.