Campus overview

The campus has recently undergone a redevelopment which has seen the completion of the following new facilities:

  • A new Students’ Union
  • A new Central Teaching block with 250 seater tiered lecture theatre, 11 new teaching rooms and 3 new student active learning centres
  • A new Faculty of Arts block
  • Newly refurbished School of Education accommodation

A new Sports Centre has also been opened on the campus providing state of the art main sports hall, strength & conditioning suite and changing facilities.

The enhanced facilities provide modern, innovative and inspiring environments for teaching, learning and research for all of our students and staff.

How To Get There

Our campus is on the outskirts of Coleraine on the beautiful north coast. If you are driving, the roads to the campus are well signposted and access to the University is via the main entrance point on the B185.

The Coleraine-Portrush rail service stops at the University. The main bus station is located in Coleraine town with a regular bus service to the University and the surrounding towns.

Campus Organisations

The administrative headquarters of the University are located on the Coleraine campus.

The room numbering system for each Block has three components – the block, the level (floor) and the room.  Hence U108 means Block U, Level 1, room 8.

Car Parking

  • There are several car parks around the campus.
  • The car parks can get very full particularly in term time.
  • Do not park illegally – you risk your vehicle being clamped or even disciplinary action.
  • Do register your car with the Car Parking Office at reception – it helps for example when you have left your lights on!
  • Leave valuables out of sight.
  • Spaces are available on each campus for cycles and and motorcycles.
  • For more information

 Campus Facilities

In Coleraine there are lockers located in U block and showers on level 0 that are available to staff and students who register for their use with Physical Resources on the Coleraine campus.  There are 20 lockers located in the female changing rooms, and 20 lockers in the male.

Staff and Students should register their interest in the lockers by e-mailing the Physical Resources Helpdesk at who will ensure that your staff or student card is activated for locker use.

Once you have received an e-mail confirming this activation you are free to use the lockers that are on an auto assign program, details for use below:

  • Find any empty locker
  • Store your belongings in locker
  • Close door and swipe lock with your staff/student card
  • Turn knob to lock door
  • Locker is now locked to your card
  • No other card can open this locker only the one it was locked with and the University Campus Facilities Services Manager.
  • The time limit on the locker is 12 hours
  • If not opened in that time it will automatically lock down and can then only be opened by security.
  • Only 1 locker at a time can be locked by any card.

Commercial facilities on the campus include the following. On the Bridge (Central Building) and in the immediate area, there is Café Moka Bridge a Spar Shop and Post Office, Student Union Shop and a hairdressers the Bank of Ireland are also in this area along with ATM facilities.

Other catering outlets include the ,UEat refectory , and Café Moka Riverside, all in Block E. The Students Union is also located in this area. Reduced opening hours are operational during vacations. Vending machines dispensing crisps, chocolate bars and canned drinks are located at various points on the campus.

Public telephones are located at the main entrance.

Lost Property is deposited at the Reception desk just inside the main entrance.

A No Smoking policy is operated in all buildings on the campus.

Safety on Campus

SafeZone allows you to call for help by activating the app on your smartphone to alert security team members to your situation and location so they can co-ordinate to help you quickly and effectively.

Emergency procedures in the event of fire or other warnings are displayed throughout the buildings on blue and white Emergency Procedure notices.

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the exit routes to be used in an emergency.

If the alarm system sounds continuously please leave the building by the nearest exit unless instructed to the contrary by security/portering staff.

In an emergency or for first aid please contact the emergency extension 22222

Security staff patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.