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As businesses seek to aid progression towards the net zero target, EARS will consider whether sustainability education is fit for purpose to prepare students for sustainable reporting requirements, green competency frameworks, and collective delivery towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Funded by the International Science Partnerships Fund and led by Ulster University’s Department of Global Business & Enterprise, EARS aims to address critical challenges and opportunities in sustainability education.

The project, which is supported by renowned experts at UCSI University Malaysia and Edinburgh Napier University, will feature a series of workshops with early career researchers, students, and educators to study best practice and assess global examples of education that sets students up to be sustainability conscious citizens and employees.

Educational Alliance for Research in Sustainability is led by Dr Caroline Morrison, based at Ulster University Coleraine, and investigators Dr Hafiz Mudassir Rehman and David Hanna who are all lecturers in Global Business & Enterprise at Ulster University.

Delivered from January to March 2024, the project’s findings will inform the development of new postgraduate sustainable business programmes launching in 2024/25. The project’s legacy will be continued with the establishment of an international ESD working forum to explore further opportunities for collaboration.

Dr Caroline Morrison, Principal Investigator, Educational Alliance for Research in Sustainability said:

"We are excited to embark on this journey to enhance sustainability education. EARS represents an opportunity to look at how other countries are navigating the challenge of environmental decline and inspiring students to create new solutions. With partners at UCSI Malaysia and Edinburgh Napier, EARS fosters global collaboration to advance sustainability education, delivering on Ulster University’s responsibility to not only address climate change as an institution, but to provide leadership in achieving sustainability goals.”

To engage with the EARS project and share insights on the integration of sustainability into higher education, join the conversation and follow the process at Sustainability in Education Forum | Groups | LinkedIn.