Funding your studies

Learn how you can fund your studies with us.

When you have decided to study at Ulster you will need to identify how much it will cost and what funding options may be available to you.

With the many different courses available, it is important to ensure that you have chosen a course that is going to get you the qualifications you need to progress into your chosen career. If you complete first year and change to a different degree course, starting in first year again, you may not be eligible for a Tuition fee loan from the corresponding funding body. Similarly, if you already hold a degree, you may not be eligible for Tuition Fee or Maintenance support. This means you may have to pay for your tuition fees and daily living costs yourself. This is known as self-funded.

Visit Ulster University website where you can see the details of fees for both part-time and full-time courses, payment plans, discounts that you may be eligible to receive and more.

We have listed some funding options which may help you to cover costs whilst studying at Ulster. Select your graduate level for further information.

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