Evacuation Guidance and PEEPs

The AccessAbility team within Student Wellbeing assesses and provides ongoing support for approximately 2000 students with disabilities at Ulster University.

A significant majority of the students supported by the AccessAbility team will experience little difficulty with safe and independent egress from any of the University buildings in the event of an emergency.

In a small number of cases however, this may not be possible and those students will require a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) to assist with safe egress.

Your AccessAbility adviser will discuss this requirement with you when completing your initial or review assessment and recommendations will be included in your Reasonable Adjustment Recommendations report (RAR).

The links below provide more information for emergency evacuation from each campus.






It is recommended that all students download and install the SafeZone app.

If you ever need urgent help, first aid or if you have an emergency while on campus, the SafeZone app connects you to the University security team.