Ready, Steady, Go

Getting active is not just great for your physical and mental health – it’s also a brilliant way to meet people and make new friends.

01 Aug 2022   9 min read

Ready, Steady, Go

Exercising with other people has many benefits. It increases motivation, it’s an excellent way to socialise and it’s actually fun!

smiling men and woman giving high five at gym

We have Sports Centres on each campus that offer a range of activities, clubs and classes to suit all interests and fitness levels. You don’t need to be an elite sportsperson to get involved!

Here are our top ways to socialise while getting active:

  • Be part of a group class – we offer everything from Spin and Body Pump to Pilates and Yoga
  • Hit the gym – working out in a group is always more fun and motivational
  • Play a team sport – experience the benefits of camaraderie, teamwork skills and a great social life
  • Try out the tennis and squash courts – brilliant exercise and fun, just don’t hit your partner with the ball!
  • Join a running group – open for beginners to experienced runners.

We also have lots of facilities that friends and groups can avail of together:

  • 3G and grass pitches
  • Strength and Conditioning suites
  • Steam and Sauna

Check out what your campus has to offer and get involved!