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Tue 11 Jul 2023

Support at the READY

Starting university is really exciting but we know the change can also be a bit overwhelming. Looking after your wellbeing is really important and if you’re happy and healthy, you’re more likely to have a better uni experience.

Thu 29 Jun 2023

Ready, Steady, Go

Getting active is not just great for your physical and mental health – it’s also a brilliant way to meet people and make new friends.

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Thu 29 Jun 2023

Ready for UUSU

Joining a club or society at university is a great way to meet friends and have fun. We’ve got more than 80 clubs and societies across our three campuses so there really is something for everyone!

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Thu 29 Jun 2023

Budget Ready

It’s really important to start sorting your finances out before you arrive at university and have a proper think about how you’re going to pay for things when you’re here.

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Thu 29 Jun 2023

READY to move

Your countdown to university life is on! Have you sorted your accommodation yet? Here’s all you need to know about living away from home for the first time.

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Mon 22 Aug 2022

Campus Ready

One of most exciting parts about starting uni is arriving at your new campus and becoming part of the community.

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Mon 8 Aug 2022

READY to shop

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Mon 4 Jul 2022

Week 3 updates: have you applied for Student Finance?

Having worked with a number of government agencies and bodies, it’s clear that many areas of the public sector are at the forefront of digital service delivery.