Ready to Connect

With your first day at Ulster just around the corner, get ready to connect to student life with our essential guide.

  30 Aug 2021   1 min read


Ready to Cook

You probably haven’t thought about cooking or food shopping when you start uni but now is the time to get prepared so you don’t end up living on takeaways, super noodles and toast.

  27 Aug 2021   1 min read


Ready to explore your campus

One of most exciting things about starting uni is arriving on campus and jumping into student life.

  23 Aug 2021   1 min read


Hi Society!

Did you know that Ulster University’s Student Union has over 90 societies for you to get involved with? But what are the benefits of joining?

  5 Aug 2021   4 min read


Ready, Steady, Go

You may not be a gym bunny, sports fan, or muscle mad but staying active is important for everyone and it’s not just about keeping your body fit but also keeping your mind healthy.

  28 Jul 2021   1 min read


Budget Ready

It may sound boring but before you arrive at uni, it’s really important to think about your finances and how you are going to pay for everything. A student loan only goes so far and some students spend loads at the start of the semester and then regret it! 

  22 Jul 2021   3 min read


Mentors Ready to Guide

There’s a lot to get your head around when you start uni and the leap from school to higher education can seem huge.

  14 Jul 2021   4 min read


Support at the READY

Getting the right support sorted before you start Ulster can really help you settle in and get to grips with uni life.

  5 Jul 2021   3 min read


READY to move

Find out what our current students think about living on campus and what they love about their uni home.

  28 Jun 2021   3 min read