Throughout your time at Ulster you may require an official University letter, some of which may need to be personalised, such as a letter to open a bank account or to apply for a visa, if you are planning on visiting another country.

When applying for a GP registration, National Insurance Number, or a driving licence, you can use your Registered Student Letter.

Further details on the types of forms and letters available can be found below.

Forms and Letters

  • Personalised Letter

    If you need a personalised letter to open a bank account you can apply for one here.

    When requesting a letter via the letter request form it is your responsibility to ensure that all details are correct before submitting.

    Please ensure that you have your name and date of birth in the following order:

    • First name, surname
    • Day/month/year

    If any personal details are incorrect or do not match what is held on University records, this will result in a delay in the production of your letter.  Therefore, please ensure you have checked Student Banner following the steps on the form before submitting.

  • Registered Student Letter 

    You can download your registered student letter, also known as a Confirmation of Attendance letter by following these steps:

    • Log into your Portal
    • Select Banner
    • Select the Student Records, Fees and Financial Aid menu
    • Select Registration
    • Select Confirmation of Attendance Letter

    Ensure you term time and home addresses are correct on Student Banner before proceeding.

    If you need to change your address log in Student Banner using your student number B00XXXXXX and PIN which is your date of birth DDMMYY.

    Your downloaded  letter will have the official University stamp and contact details on it.

  • Permission to Work

    We do not provide letters to your employer about your right to work, permission is provided by UKVI. It will state on your BRP the number of hours you are permitted to work during term time.

    Right to work

    If an employee needs to prove their right to work, they should ask their employer to use the Employer Checking Service. Once the request is received the Home Office will confirm their right to work directly to the employer to allow them to fulfil their statutory duties.

    The employer can also view the information on working during your studies on our website and the University term and vacation dates can be viewed.

    If you are registered onto modules that you are required to completed over the summer period, this includes coursework resubmission or an exam resist, you will have no vacation period.  If you have no work to carry out over the Summer period this will be an official vacation period.  If you are in any doubt please check with your Course Director.

  • Letters for Travelling

    If you are planning on travelling to a country that requires you to apply for a visa, you will require a bespoke letter from the University as part of this process.

    Who can apply

    We can only create such a letter if you are a currently registered student.

    How to apply for a letter

    To apply for such a letter complete the Visa letter online form.

    Once you have applied, please allow for up to 5 working days for this letter to be created by a member of our team.

    Please ensure all details are correct when making your application. Incorrect details will delay this process.

    Travelling during term dates

    If you are planning on travelling during the academic term dates, you will require permission from your Course Director and a completed authorised absence form, which your School will complete.

    You may also want to provide a copy of your Registered Student Letter as well.

    Travelling over summer months

    If you are planning on travelling over the summer months (from 1 June), you will still need to request a letter.

    As students can have differing academic commitments over the summer, you will need to contact your Course Director to confirm this travel.

    Travelling in next academic year 2024/2025

    If you wish to travel during the next academic year (2024/2025), please email for more further information.