Full-time Courses

Full-time Courses
Undergraduate, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Integrated Masters awards and equivalent courses (except those as detailed below) 15,840
Students on placement year of sandwich courses/intercalary year abroad 4,900
Masters courses (except those as detailed below) (PG Certificate/Diploma - see Note 1) 15,840
Postgraduate Research 16,470
Study Year Abroad - applicable to students from organisations/institutions where an agreement exists for study abroad  
One semester attendance 4,810
Two semester attendance 8,820
Three semester attendance 11,310
Executive MBA/MPA 19,620
MSc Management and Corporate Governance
MSc Biomedical Science
MSc Biotechnology Research
MSc Human Nutrition
MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences
LLM Access to Justice
LLM International Commercial Law & ADR
Medicine - MBBS (** see  Note 4) 37,000**
Master of Fine Art
Master's with Advanced Practice
Extended Master's with Advanced Practice
Master's (Applied Research) - rate per credit point


MSc Strategic Accounting (Extended) - rate per credit point 88
MSc Dietetics POA

Part-time Courses

See Note 3 below for explanation of credit points.


Part-time Undergraduate Courses
Undergraduate and equivalent courses (except those as detailed below):
Rate per credit point
Rate per 20 credit point module

Pre-sessional English1,290
Pre-sessional English Plus2,700


Part-time Postgraduate Courses
Masters courses (except those as detailed below) and individual modules (see Note 2):

Rate  per credit point

Rate  per 30 credit point module


Postgraduate Research 9,390
Executive MBA/MPA - rate per credit point 109
MSc Biomedical Science - rate per credit point 98.50


1. Full-time Students

Full-time students registering for a Postgraduate Diploma only will be charged 2/3 of the full Master's fee for that course as detailed above. Full-time students registering for a Postgraduate Certificate only will be charged 1/3 of the full Master's fee for that course as detailed above.

2. Part-time Students

Part-time students registering on a Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma course will be charged the corresponding Master's rate per credit point fee as detailed above, unless separately detailed.

3. Credit Points

The table below shows the minimum overall credits that students are expected to attain in order to gain specific awards.  Students should always consult with their course director for specific information about required credits.

Credit Points Table
Award Minimum Overall Credit Points
Honours Degree 360
Master's Degree 180
Integrated Master's Degree 480
Postgraduate Certificate/Certificate/Advanced Certificate/Graduate Certificate 60
Postgraduate Diploma/Diploma/Advanced Diploma 120
Master of Fine Art/Master's with Advanced Practice/MSc (Applied Research)/MSc Strategic Accounting (Extended) 240
Extended Master's with Advanced Practice 300
PgD Physician Associate Studies 360

4. Medicine - MBBS

In addition to the tuition fee quoted above, Northern Ireland Department of Health have introduced an obligatory clinical placement levy of £10,000 for international medical students.

This levy, payable in each academic year of the programme encompasses access to Northern Ireland Health and Social Care clinical placements. Please note the clinical placement levy is reviewed regularly and subject to change.

Ulster University provides financial assistance towards this levy. The student contribution is calculated as follows:

Student Contribution towards Clinical Placement Fee 2023/24 (£GBP) 
Year 1 of Programme3,100
Year 2 of Programme8,000
Year 3 of Programme8,000
Year 4 of Programme8,000