Sanctions will apply

If you do not pay your tuition fees on time, the following sanctions will apply:

  • Your application for the new course will not be processed.

    Students who have outstanding tuition fees from a previous programme and wish to apply for a new programme at the University will not have their application processed.

  • You will be prevented from registering in the new academic year.

    Under no circumstances will students with outstanding tuition fees be permitted to register in the next academic year.

    When the outstanding tuition fees have been paid in full, it will take up to two working days before you will be able to register.

  • You will become liable for tuition fees should your sponsor fail to pay.

    Where a student provides a sponsor letter and the sponsor fails to pay the invoiced tuition fees within 30 days from the invoice date, responsibility for the payment of fees will revert to the student.

    You will then be required to pay the fees in full to avoid the University sanctions being applied.

  • Your published payment plan will be terminated.

    Where a student fails to make the necessary programme fee payment(s) in accordance with their relevant published payment plan, the University reserves the right to terminate the payment plan and tuition fees will be payable immediately.

  • Your access to blackboard and other IT And Library facilities  will be restricted.

    Where a student fails to make the necessary tuition fee payment(s) in accordance with their relevant published payment plan, the University reserves the right to restrict access to Blackboard, the University's virtual learning system, and other IT and Library facilities.

    The sanction will remain in place until such time that a suitable arrangement to pay programme fees is in place and/or the outstanding account balance is settled.

  • Your Student Visa sponsorship may be withdrawn.

    If you hold an UKVI Student visa, are sponsored by the University and your student account is restricted for reasons of debt, this may result in non-engagement with your programme of study and an inability to meet the terms of your sponsorship.

    Consequently, you may be withdrawn from your course for non-engagement, resulting in the University notifying UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) that sponsorship of your Student visa has been withdrawn,  UKVI would then begin the process of curtailing your Student visa.

  • You will be prevented from receiving your award.

    Students who have successfully completed their programme but have an outstanding tuition fee debt one calendar month before the date of the award will not be deemed eligible to have a degree, diploma, certificate or other academic award granted and conferred.

    Students with outstanding debt will not be permitted to attend a graduation ceremony nor receive a transcript of marks.

  • Tuition Fee Debt Recovery.

    Students who leave the University with outstanding tuition fees will be traced via the debt collection agency engaged by the University and debts will be recovered via the appropriate legal process.