This payment option is only available for NI/ROI/GB students whose balance is £100 or more.


Tuition fees paid by RCP are collected in up to 10 equal instalments with the first instalment (10% deposit) due at registration.

Subsequent payments are due to lift on the first day of each month, thereafter, until 1 June.

The RCP instalment plan is set up during online enrolment.

All tuition fees must be settled in full at least four weeks prior to graduation.

Cut-Off Date for the setting up of RCP Plans

RCP plans may be set up until 30 April 2024

Changing Card Details/Card Expiry

If you wish to change the card that you used to set up the RCP plan or if your card expires while your plan is still active, this may be done using the link below.

Update New Card Details

Important Additional Information


All communications regarding RCP plans will be sent by e-mail.

Transaction Declined (First Attempt)

If after set-up the initial transaction is declined you must contact your card issuer to find out why the transaction has been declined. Please note that the system will retry the failed transaction five days later.

Transaction Declined (Second Attempt)

If the resubmission fails, an administrative charge of £45 will be applied to your tuition fee account.

RCP Plan is Rejected on 2 Occasions

Where the RCP Plan fails to collect 2 monthly instalments, the plan will be cancelled and the full balance is due immediately.

High Value Transactions

For high value payments drawn on foreign cards, it is recommended that you contact your bank or credit card issuer to notify them that you are intending to process a high value transaction to avoid delays.