Direct Debit (DD) may be set up at registration during online enrolment and is available if your balance is £100 or more.

To sign up online, you must be the sole required signatory on the account

The DD option is only available to students registering before 14 October.

Payment by DD is not available for students registering in semesters 2 and 3.

Eligibility Criteria


The tuition fee balance payable by direct debit will be collected in 5 equal instalments on the first day of each month from 01 December until 01 April.

Should the first day of the month fall on a weekend or a bank holiday, the Direct Debit will be collected on the next available working day.


You will receive a 'Confirmation of the Set-Up of your Direct Debit' letter shortly after your direct debit has been set up.

You will receive a 'Notification of Collection of Direct Debit Payments' letter, in November 23, detailing your DD instalment amounts and the collection dates.

If you do not receive this letter by 23 November 23 (2023/24 academic year), please contact the Tuition Fees Office.

Unpaid Direct Debits

If your direct debit comes back as unpaid, an administrative charge of £45 will be applied to your tuition fee account.

Should your direct debit  be returned as unpaid on 2 occasions, your direct debit will also be cancelled.  You will be required to pay the balance on your tuition fees in full immediately and you will not be permitted to set up another instalment plan.