The link between money and mental health

Poor mental health can make earning and managing money harder. And worrying about money can make your mental health worse. It can start to feel like a vicious cycle.

Often your mood can affect your spending habits, and money problems can affect your relationships and social life. When trying to mind your money better, it is important to recognise the thoughts and feelings associated with spending, budgeting and dealing with bills.

  • Take note of what parts of money management cause your mental health to become worse
  • Ask friends or family to support you in drawing up a budget
  • Have a think about when you more likely to spend & save money. What is going on for you and how do you feel?
  • Consider keeping a spending diary and recording how you are feeling (before and after) and why you are spending.
  • Find ways to help you to stop spending, avoid impulse spending and manage compulsive spending.
  • Read about one person's spending addiction and how they confronted this: Spending for Comfort
  • Ensure you have appropriate support in place if you are experiencing mental health difficulties. Meet with our Student Wellbeing team for support.
  • Visit the Inspire Student Hub for additional support.
  • Visit the Money Saving Experts Mental Health & Debt guide.


Support is available!

Avoid burying your head in the sand

Things will not magically work themselves out.

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