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Our Focus

Our research focuses upon health technologies and health practices for patients in the areas of clinical sciences, diagnostic radiography, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, and speech and language, therapeutic radiography and oncology. We investigate interventions to manage and maintain health in long-term physical problems.

This is achieved through the conduct of high quality strategic, experimental and applied research, using the Medical research Council framework for complex interventions and incorporating quantitative and qualitative methods, as appropriate.

Our research is able to make significant impact given its broad reach across all settings in health care. Our research improves health and wellbeing and directly impacts health practices and policies.

Our activities are primarily concerned with the use of technologies and physical interventions tailored to suit the needs of individual groups e.g. those living with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, back pain, stroke, multiple sclerosis, respiratory disease. Other research is focused around healthcare practice education for health care professionals. We have three main research strands: Technologies for enablement, physical Activity for health, and rehabilitation and healthcare practice and education.

The high standard of our research output is also aided by a number of successful collaborations with local, national and international centres of excellence. Learn more about each of our three  research themes below.

In this section

Technologies for enablement

Development, use and testing of technologies for self-management.

Physical Activity for health, and rehabilitation

Development, use and evaluation of physical activity and rehabilitation interventions

Healthcare practice and education

Research is focused around healthcare practice, education for health care professionals.


Physical Activity Intervention

Understanding COPD Questionnaire

UCOPD Questionnaire, manual and administration.