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Creating alternative opportunities to promote exercise and increase levels of physical activity in people with COPD is hugely important due to the associated health benefits.

‘LIVELY in COPD’ represents a method to promote increased physical activity for people with COPD using a clinician facilitated home based walking programme.

This physical activity intervention is a 12 week clinician facilitated pedometer driven walking programme. To begin, we reviewed the existing research on physical activity in COPD to explore which components would be important to include when developing a physical activity intervention (Wilson et al 2013). We also considered what behaviour change strategies should be included in the intervention, in order to support patients to engage with and be able to undertake a walking programme effectively (Michie 2013, 2014).

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Intervention development

This LIVELY in COPD Physical Activity Intervention was developed by:

Dr Brenda O’Neill. Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy,  Centre for Health and Rehabilitation Technologies, Ulster University.

Miss Orlagh O’Shea, Physiotherapist/Network Co-ordinator, NICRN Respiratory Health, BHSCT Lisburn Rd, Belfast.

Prof Suzanne McDonough Centre Lead, Centre for Health and Rehabilitation Technologies, Ulster University and UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health (Northern Ireland).

Prof Madelynne Arden, Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics, Sheffield Hallam University, Heart of the Campus, Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield S10 2BQ, United Kingdom.

Prof Judy Bradley. Director NICRF, QUB and co-lead NICRN Respiratory Health, BHSCT. Centre for Experimental Medicine, School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences, Queens University Belfast.


  • In relation to helping to assess the LIVELY in COPD intervention we would like to acknowledge the contribution of colleagues who delivered the intervention to patients with COPD i.e. Mr Adrian McDonald NICRH Respiratory Health, WHSCT, and Dr Denise Cosgrove and Dr Catherine Hanratty NICRN Respiratory Health BHSCT. We would like to acknowledge Dr Adele Boyde.
  • Specifically, we would like to acknowledge the contributions from the pulmonary Rehabilitation sites in the WHSCT and BHSCT, and the team involved in the feasibility RCT [Funded by: Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke Association]: Dr B O’Neill, Ms OM O’Shea, Prof SM McDonough, Dr L McGarvey, Prof I Bradbury, Prof M Arden, Prof T Troosters, Dr D Cosgrove, Dr T McManus, Dr TJ McDonnell, Prof JM Bradley.
  • We would like to thank the people with COPD who kindly contributed to this project and provided their views about LIVELY in COPD.

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LIVELY PAI for COPD Documents

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