The Centre for Environmental Spatial Data Analytics (CESDA)

Research in the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences is focused in two research clusters that operate within the Centre for Environmental Spatial Data Analytics (CESDA).

The Environmental Processes, Management and Sustainability cluster conducts fundamental research on the interlinked physical, biological and chemical processes operating in the Earth’s crust and surface to enable a better understanding of the sustainability of environmental systems and their management.

The Heritage, Conflict & Society cluster conducts innovative research on peace and conflict, economic disparity, health, mobility and cultural heritage to develop a deeper understanding of societal issues and work with government agencies and community stakeholders to develop solutions that will benefit society.

Our clusters share common overarching themes and researchers are encouraged to work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams to address important global research challenges. Our interdisciplinary connections are supported by CESDA, which is a new strategic research centre that was established to support our interdisciplinary research agenda. CESDA provides shared geo-spatial expertise and cutting-edge research facilities to encourage and support our interdisciplinary research across the School, University and international research community

Environmental Processes, Management and Sustainability

Exploring how the world works and how the environment and society impact each other.

Heritage, Conflict & Society

Researching heritage and its physical manifestation in cultural, political and maritime landscapes.