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As geographers we are particularly interested in the practices and processes of heritage and its physical manifestation in cultural, political and maritime landscapes.

Global research conducted in the Heritage, Conflict and Society research cluster ranges from studying endangered heritage in challenging environments in regions in conflict to the political and cultural uses of heritage in societies transitioning from conflict.

We use and develop cutting edge techniques to explore and map historic sites and cultural landscapes.

Geography of conflict and peace-building

Our interconnected work on the geography of conflict and peace-building focuses on the spatial politics of divided societies as well as how this interfaces with contested environments, migration and mobility.

We are focused on pressing societal challenges and use our research to inform policy to enact change and create healthier communities.

Geography of fuel poverty

For example, our research on the geography of fuel poverty with local government is changing lives by creating warmer, energy efficient homes and healthy living spaces.

Health and medical geography

Equally our work within the fields of health and medical geography is providing evidence based spatial data for policy makers to understand the complex geographies of mental health and serious tropical diseases like malaria.

Research Collaboration

Our research clusters collaborate extensively with other research centres across the university and have strong established research collaborations with external universities, centres of excellence, industry, government, civic and policy groups across the world.