Our Research

The School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences aims to contribute towards peaceful, sustainable and just societies through pioneering, original and transformative research, complimented by innovative communication strategies that increase public awareness and understanding.

Our research focuses on regions and professional areas, looking at the challenges associated with heightened forms of contention, the complex legacies of political violence, different forms of deprivation, marginalisation and persecution, achieving inclusive social and public policy, and innovations in professional practice that advance security, justice, social resilience, and the public good.

At the heart of our research strategy is the School’s applied approach to research. The questions asked, the methods used, and the outputs generated are frequently co-produced with stakeholders and practitioners, with a special emphasis on marginalised communities adversely impacted by different forms of exclusion and violence.

Our School aims to open up the development of academic knowledge to innovations in theory, knowledge and practice pioneered within community and professional settings – captured through co-designed research projects – introducing these social assets into academic fora in ways that help the social sciences make theoretical and analytical breakthroughs.

This is also critical to the University’s wider aspiration to be Northern Ireland’s civic university and its mission to widen participation.


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