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Taking Boys Seriously 2 (TBS2) builds on the seminal study ‘Taking Boys Seriously’ by Ken Harland and Sam McCready (2012).

The research seeks to increase attainment and levels of HE participation among young males from MDM Quintile 1 communities.

Given the pending move to the new Ulster University campus in Belfast and the desire of the research to make a civic contribution in terms of widening access to HE and encouraging learning in disadvantaged communities, it is proposed that the initial focus of the research will be in North / Outer North Belfast.

It is further proposed that in phase two of the project the focus of the research will be the Derry / Londonderry area.

It is envisaged that findings from the early stages of the research will inform a wider roll-out of school-based, community-based and collaborative interventions across NI.

As ethical approval for the TBS2 research project has been secured, the qualitative fieldwork in our partner schools and youth organisations is underway.

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