Environmental Processes, Management and Sustainability

Exploring how the world works and how the environment and society impact each other.

We undertake research in terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, marine and inter-planetary environments across different geologic time-scales to answer some of the most fundamental challenges relating to environmental change, conservation, food and water security and the future trajectory of our natural systems.

We use state of the art equipment along with laboratory, field, spatial and numerical modelling techniques to ensure applied research has the greatest possible impact and can provide inter-disciplinary connections with partners throughout the world.

For example, our freshwater research has direct relevance to food security and human health through policy changes derived from monitoring, improving and protecting fresh water bodies, research on sustainable agriculture practice and investigating the pathways of antibiotic resistance in aquatic environments.

Marine exploration using sophisticated sea–bed surveying and modelling techniques to answer questions for sustainable fisheries management. Disentangling the effects of past glacial periods provides the data to understand the speed and extent of future climate change scenarios and sea level change.

Coastal, beach and dune evolution research has direct relevance and connection for developing sustainable coastal communities and our expertise on aeolian processes and sand dunes is informing space exploration and future landing sites on Mars.