About our Environmental Sciences Research

International researchers committed to tackling climate change, sustainability, poverty, conflict and health.

We are a dynamic group of international researchers committed to providing answers to some of the most pressing geographical and environmental issues of our time including climate change, sustainably, poverty, conflict and health.

We aim to:

  • Advance theory and knowledge in areas relating to rapid societal and environmental change;
  • Engage in international research to inform and influence government policy to make positive impacts on society;
  • Use research to inform the next generation of geographers and environmental scientists to better understand and manage our sensitive natural and human environments.
  • Our research activity is organised within our Heritage, Conflict and Society and Environmental Processes, Management and Sustainability research clusters.

We address key issues on a diverse range of physical, natural and human geographical issues that are important for both science and society.

The nature of our work often shares common overarching themes that link research activities between the clusters fostering a collaborative interdisciplinary research environment on important global research challenges.