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Research is focused around healthcare practice, education for health care professionals and developing and testing tools that health care practitioners can use to assess and improve patient outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary projects involve external collaborations with researchers across the world.

  • Radiographer education, training and perception of the impact of AI in clinical practice.

    Current projects funded by the College of Radiographers Industry Partnerships Scheme (CoRIPS) include:

    -Radiographer EducAtion and Learning in AI- (REAL AI) led by

    -An evaluation of a checklist in musculoskeletal radiographic image interpretation when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) led by

    -An observational study to investigate the impact of AI feedback on image comment, decision switching and trust perception in student and experienced radiographers led by

    The high standard of our research output is also aided by a number of successful collaborations with local, national and international centres of excellence.