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Frankincense essential oil (FEO) suppresses growth of Human melanoma cancer cells and protects liver from hepatotoxicity

Frankincense essential oil (FEO), a general medicine in folklore for various ailments, can suppresses melanoma cancer and ameliorate hepatotoxicity. The work published in the journal Oncotarget by Dr Murtaza Tambuwala from the School Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and member of the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute in collaboration with Huddersfield University, shows that use of Frankincense essential oil (FEO) inhibited the growth of melanoma in mice grafted with human melanoma tumors.

"Our results strongly suggest that FEO has potential as novel therapeutic agent for the targeted treatment of melanoma cancer as it kills melanoma cells without damaging normal cells"

said, Hamid A. Bakshi. FEO can be most effective in prevention of hepatic injury. Dr Murtaza Tambuwala added:

“This research is still at a nascent stage and a long way from actually using the herbal remedy in melanoma cancer treatment”.

Frankincense comes from the Boswellia tree. It has long history in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and African folk medicine for its apparent healing powers. The chemicals that are contained in frankincense are known to have several health benefits.

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