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We specialise in the study of the biological mechanisms associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, blindness and various diseases associated with the ageing population.

Our members conduct pioneering research in these areas, with a determination to investigate the underlying causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease.

We are also exploiting the remarkable opportunities made possible by recent molecular advances: revolutionary changes in biomedicine and biotechnology that will soon transform whole industries and economies.

Results from our research will transform our understanding of human biology and pathology by giving us a real understanding of their very complex molecular aspects.

BMSRI is actively pursuing these goals by applying a range of rapidly developing techniques to a variety of problems in human health.

In addition we are committed to providing scientific support for the knowledge-intensive, high-added value biotechnological and biomedical industries, which are establishing themselves in Northern Ireland, and which may reasonably be expected to make substantial contributions to economic renewal.

Our scientists talk about their research

Dr Alison Yeates
Dr William Snelling
Professor John Callan

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